Community Westside Turns 20!

Westside is celebrating God's Faithfulness over the last 20 years of church ministry and mission!

In 2003 our church began with 5 people with a vision to see a church established in the West Island that would also serve the greater Montreal area and the shores.

We had a modest beginning and journey with a consistent mission to connect people to a growing relationship with Christ and each other. To be a church community that would witness transformation, community, and missional impact through who we were and keep becoming.

We have seen God's faithfulness through the years over and over again.

We are very encouraged in this recent season of growth and community impact. We are seeing people curious about faith, exploring with us on Sundays, growing with us in Alpha, maturing through groups and courses and the sharpening of community.

We love that our small church plant is now hosting Hema Quebec and West Island Mission periodically through the years. That God has used a humble group to support regional and global mission.

Even more special is the people whom God has drawn to make up Westside over the years. Many who are with us, some who have moved on, some who are only now joining us. This mosaic of people that God is shaping and shining his light through, so we can keep becoming his living and local presence - a community of worship, learning, and mission.

Whether Westside is currently your home, you've been part of our church in past, or just getting to know us, thanks for joining us in these 20 years of transformation, community and mission - all made possible by the gospel of God's kingdom and his enduring faithfulness.