Community Groups at Westside

At Westside, we believe that life is better in community. That’s why we have small groups - a safe and welcoming space no matter where you are in your faith journey.

Small groups are where you can build meaningful relationships, interact with scripture, grow in your faith, and spark a greater passion for discipleship and mission in your neighborhood and network.

We see these groups as an extension of the church’s purpose (discipleship, community, and mission). We want to equip groups to be environments that form us in the way of Jesus. That includes reading scripture with Jesus as the main lens, forming stronger community that’s not fully possible in larger settings, and working out what it means to practice the way of Jesus in community and other parts of our life.

We believe that life is better in community.

Spring 2024 Community Groups

We're re-launching our community groups this spring.

This Spring Session starts the week of April 15th in the following areas:

  • Île Perrot (hosted by Jared and Amy) // Fridays (6:30PM)
  • Dorval (hosted by Marlin and Laura) // Tuesdays (7:30PM)
  • Hudson (hosted by John and Denise Roberts) // Wednesdays (7:30PM)
  • D.D.O.(hosted by Gabe Chin at Westside) // Wednesdays (7:00PM)
    • this group can welcome more people, and will branch off into 2-3 groups depending on sign ups

Spring Groups will run from April 15 to May 31st.

We hope each group will nurture a balance of transformation (UP), community (IN), and mission (OUT)

  • (UP) interaction and application of scripture
  • (IN) groups allow for more personal and intimate community
  • (OUT) practicing the way of Jesus - with community and in the community

This Summer, we are offering 3 Book Clubs groups that will begin meeting in July. For more information on our summer book clubs, check out this LINK

Vision for Groups in 2024

We envision 7-8 week sessions, 3 times a year (winter, spring, fall)

We trust that this rhythm will help more people engage, and encourage organic connection in between busy seasons. While we don’t want to be limited by the busy and burdened lifestyle many face in our culture, we also don’t want to add to it unwisely.

This isn’t the final expression for community groups. They will play a larger role in our discipleship path and mission, alongside courses (ALPHA, EHS, etc.) and large gatherings (Sundays, Prayer nights, etc.).

We will be learning from each season and recalibrating as we move ahead.

We hope to see groups develop in many neighbourhoods around the city. Should you be interested in hosting a group in a home or facilitating a group, let us know. Facilitating groups is part of our pastoral ministry, so we are looking for mature followers of Jesus with a teachable spirit, who are holistically committed to Westside's mission and vision, and want to explore what it means to encourage people to grow in their love for God and others, being formed in the way of Jesus, for the sake of others and the world.

What can you do?

Let us know if you’re interested in helping or developing a group in the near future.

Stay tuned for a survey to help us plan.