KidsQuest is our children’s ministry program for ages 2 - grade 6.

On Sundays during the service we teach and care for your children. Preschool and Kindergarten is in one group, and elementary groups are divided by grades.

Contact: Amy, Priscilla, or Angela

Our vision is to celebrate and nurture a child’s discovery of God in a safe and loving environment. We aim to provide quality teaching with a consistent group of leaders, to encourage growth in both faith and friendship. All of our elementary groups follow The Biggest Story curriculum, and for preschoolers we use God's Unfolding Story.


Annual registration in our program is a requirement of Plan to Protect®, the protection plan that we follow for children and youth at Westside.

Registration ensures that we have all the information we need to place your children in a group and properly care for them during the gathering.

Register Now

*Important: If you are re-registering your children in KQ, click on “Log In” at the top-right corner of the page when you follow the link above before you complete the online registration form. This will prevent you from creating a duplicate profile on the Church Center platform.

What to Bring on Sundays

  • A small, peanut-free snack
  • Water bottle
  • Clean, indoor shoes in the winter/spring
  • Bibles encouraged (grades 1 and up) KidsQuest has extra bibles to use if you do not have one of your own.


When you arrive on Sunday morning, head to the KidsQuest hub to check-in your kids with the hall monitor using the Church Center app.

The first time you check-in your kids, make sure their specified group is correct. If you have a preschool/K-aged child, you can also indicate under “options” if you’d like us to call you if they need to use the bathroom. All preschool/K parents will receive a security code so we can easily call them to assist their child if needed – the code will be displayed at the bottom of the screen in the gathering.

Kids start off in the gathering with their parents and are dismissed to KidsQuest after worship.


All kids must be dismissed directly to a parent or trusted person.

Preschool/K kids must be checked out with the hall monitor using the code from the Church Center app.

For kids in grades 1-6, please come to the classroom door for their grade so we can be sure your kids get back to you safely. This is also a great time to thank/encourage the volunteers in your child’s group and engage with them about that week’s lesson!

Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts;let them proclaim your power!

Supporting KidsQuest

The resources we pour into Kids' ministry are part of our larger budget at Westside. We use funds for new equipment, snacks, activities, content, leadership development, and so on. Our facility provides room for KidsQuest to grow. Westside wants to keep fuelling ministry to the next generation. If you are a regular donor at Westside, thank you so much! A portion of your giving fuels the next generation.

Please keep praying for KidsQuest, specifically for safe connections with the kids and leaders, and of course for the Holy Spirit to reveal to them the love of Jesus. Pray for energy and discernment for our KidsQuest team.

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When you arrive on Sunday morning, head to the KidsQuest hub to check-in your kids with the hall monitor using the Church Center app.