Wilderness: Snapshots from Exodus

Wilderness is a theme that runs through the Bible a lot. Moses discovered God’s name and a unique calling, Israel journeyed to the promised land, Elijah heard God’s voice, Jesus was tested and launched into ministry – all in wilderness settings.

It seems like God uses wilderness surroundings or seasons to get our attention, get us through something, or teach us more about ourselves and ultimately Him.

This month, we’re walking through various snapshots from Exodus 13-19, a particular wilderness story where God leads Israel through a literal wilderness towards a promised future. Along the way, they learn about themselves, what it means to be God’s people, and how powerful God’s covenant love is.

We go through wilderness-like seasons. It might be a difficult financial loss, a struggling relationship, a humbling discovery about our character, or something else.

Perhaps the 2020-21 global pandemic feels like one long wilderness journey.

Who is God? How is He shaping you? What is He doing in you? What might He be preparing you for?

Join us on Sundays for 4-5 snapshots in Israel’s wilderness journey, and discover how this part of the scripture speask into your own life.

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