Vision and Budget 2019-2020 | Online Q&A – May 6

We were set to hold our annual vision and budget meeting on March 15 when suddenly we had to cancel all public gatherings. This is an important part of how we process vision and mission together. To help us still engage with this info and move forward, we’re providing a written and visual summary, and inviting you to join us for an online Q&A on May 6.

  • Please READ the brief summary HERE.

  • Check out these SLIDES for a quick visual look and perhaps some clarity on various sections.

  • Join us for an online Q&A on May 6 at 7:30 PM using ZOOM, use this link to join.

  • Zoom call will start at 7 PM with prayer

  • Q&A will start at 7:30 PM with a brief summary followed by responses to any questions; send in your questions ahead of time to


Our leadership team decided to share our original vision/budget in full so we can all keep the bigger picture and passion in mind. However, as soon as the COVID-19 situation began, our LT along with other wise voices in our church began discussing potential implications on our vision/budget.

We have prepared revised year-end expectancies in light of the situation and have targeted several parts of our budget that would be labeled as either essential or discretionary under these unique times.

Our leadership and finance teams will review our budget monthly to determine financial decisions moving forward. In the meantime, some spending decisions have already been frozen as a precaution.

We welcome questions we can address on May 6th.


As of early January, the outer shell of our kitchen has been completed (wires pulled, floor, insulation, walls). The next step will include final electrical, plumbing, appliances, counters, and lighting.

Other renovations still to be completed include HVAC noise reduction, lobby and stage décor, storage areas, etc., with $15,000 currently available in our funds for the kitchen and $3,500 is available for miscellaneous projects (as of February 2020). As soon as there is a sense of stability and re-use of facilities, we will discern how quickly to move forward with next steps for needed renovations.

In Christ,

WSG Leadership Team

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