Sunday, January 2 (Resources for Church@Home)

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Happy New Year!

As a way to help our teams create rhythm and rest in their ministry and life, we’re not gathering in-person or online this Sunday (January 2) but invite you to pause, worship, listen and respond using the video and reflection we’ve provided so we can be the church@home together this week-end.

Kids Quest provided resources for ages 2-5 and elementary groups;
CLICK HERE for all the links


  • get your bible out => John 1:1-18
  • pause anywhere you need for extended prayer or reflection
  • use questions in the video on your own or with friends/family
  • video is sharable here; invite a friend or WSGer to watch and reflect together (zoom, FaceTime, etc.)

Additional Reflection:

  • Write down or share with someone any highlights from the scripture.
  • Take a few minutes to listen to the Spirit in personal prayer or with others.

Gracious God,
you have redeemed us through Jesus Christ,
the first-born of all creation,
whose birth we celebrate as the child of Bethlehem.
Bless us with every spiritual blessing,
that we may live as your adopted children
and witness to your glory
with unending praise and thanksgiving.

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