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(take a few minutes this morning to spend with God on your own with your family)

PRAYER: briefly welcome the work of the Holy Spirit into your day 

Isaiah 42:1-9

As you read this passage consider how Isaiah is describing Jesus (the Messiah who would come). He will be both strong and gentle. Write down (or talk with your family) about the strength and gentleness of “the Servant of the Lord.”

What “new thing” are you praying God might do in you or Westside this coming year? (v. 9)

(optional: if you have kids around or for fun, read Psalm 29 by creatively acting out the ways this Psalm describes the God’s voice; try The Message)

LISTEN/SING to “Let My Words Be Few”

As the song ends take 1-2 minutes to be quiet/silent before the Lord (you might want to say “still my soul before you, Lord”)

PRAYER FOR OTHERS: pray for someone in need, a current global/local event (e.g. families of those who died in the Iranian air crash), God’s blessing over someone in your family for the coming week, your work or neighborhood.

Matthew 3:13-17

Take a moment to remember and affirm your own baptism reminded that God also speaks over you: this is my son or daughter in whom I am well pleased. You might want to reflect on how you are living out your baptism?


Creator God, our soul’s delight,
your voice thunders over the waters,
liberating the future from the past.
In the Spirit’s power and the waters of rebirth,
Jesus was declared your blessed and beloved Son;
may we recall our baptism,
and be disciples of the Anointed One.

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