Holiday Spiritual Practice: Sitting With Jesus

We all need rest and recreation over the holidays! We encourage you to take at least 60 minutes of your time off between Christmas and New Year’s to sit with Jesus.

Sabbath – the kind of spiritual rest we learn about in Scriptures should include stopping, resting, having fun but also quiet contemplation.

Pete Scazzero says this about contemplation in an article on Sabbath:

Pondering the love of God is the central focus of our Sabbaths. What makes a Sabbath a biblical Sabbath is that it is “holy to the Lord.” We are not taking time off from God; we are drawing closer to him. Sabbath is an invitation to see the invisible in the visible — to recognize the hidden ways God’s goodness is at work in our lives. It does not mean we necessarily spend the entire day in prayer or studying Scripture, though those activities may be part of a Sabbath day. Instead, contemplation means we are acutely focused on those aspects of God’s love that come to us through so many gifts from his hand. Scripture affirms that all creation declares his glory (see Psalm 19:1). On Sabbath, we intentionally look for his grandeur in everything from people, food, and art to babies, sports, hobbies, and music. In this sense, contemplation is an extension of delight — we are intentional about looking for the evidence of God’s love in all of the things he has given us to enjoy.

This can be through reading scripture, prayer, silence and readings.  It might include walking in nature while praying or reflecting on Christ. Here’s a suggested framework to make this a priority over the holidays:


    • Welcome the Holy Spirit into the next hour

    • Silence (1-5 min.)

    • Scripture – read slowly (Jn 15:1-16)

    • Silence (2-3 min.)

    • Scripture – read slowly (Jn 15:1-16)

    • Journal what you sense God is saying in the text

    • Consider how you will nurture or act on what God is prompting you about

    • Consider practices for 2021 that will nurture a posture of  “abiding/remaining” in Christ

      • individual practices

      • communal practices

    • Close with Silence (3-5 min.)

  • Plan this at least once between Christmas and New Year’s; try to repeat on Jan 1-2 as you reflect on 2021.

    • scripture options: Romans 8, Psalm 23, 27, 139; John 6:25-70

May God grant you a fresh awareness of His grace and truth as you sit with Jesus this holiday season!

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