School Year Prayer

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As the school year kicks off and our KidsQuest ministry season gets back into gear, we are praying for you (parents, teachers, mentors) and each child under your care.
You know every child and parent by name. You know their school and neighbourhood and bus route. You know their fears and expectations. (Psalm 139)
We know you are present always, so we ask you to be manifest in their lives. In their conversations. In the classroom, playground, library, and walk home. Knowing each child or family will face various struggles we ask you to protect them. Protect them from physical, spiritual and emotional harm. Protect them from the labels people or culture attemptto attach to them.
Pour out your wisdom in the youngest and oldest child, in elementary and high schoolers. Give these kids an immense courage and confidence – in you and who you are shaping them to become. (James 1:5-6)
We pray for children with special needs or difficult obstacles. May they find the strength to overcome and the resources to help them along the way.
We trust that each child will also discover you along the way. May they turn to you always and grow closer to you through every experience.
We pray each parent has the wisdom to guide. The love to forgive and bless. The patience to listen and be attentive.
We pray for single parents. Give them the increased energy and resources they need to parent their children. Give them grace for themselves and their children when needed.
We pray for our local schools and teachers. They each play a role in a child’s life. Give them compassion and creativity to teach well, but also a conviction to model a life of character.
We pray for our KQ mentors and leaders. Equip them to come alongside our kids and nurture the good news of Jesus in them by the power of your Holy Spirit. Give strength, energy, creativity, and wisdom. Thank you for each of them. Thank you for our leadership team who gives so much behind the scenes and carries a burden both on Sundays and beyond. (Eph. 4:11-16)
Finally, we pray that your Holy Spirit fills each child so they might know you and your joy more fully. (Eph. 6:16; Rom 14:17)

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