NO GATHERING on Sunday, October 23rd.

INSTEAD, we want you to saturate and scatter into our neighbourhoods and networks with the goodness and good news of Jesus! In Luke 10 Jesus sends his followers out to different towns to demonstrate and declare that God’s kingdom has come near.
Be creative in how you use this Sunday (or anytime during the weekend) to make this tangible.


  • Get to know a new neighbor or nurture an existing relationship (do you know the 8 neighbors around you yet?)
  • Brunch or lunch or supper
  • Fun activity together
  • Yard work project
  • Serve them in a practical way
  • Look for non-profits that need volunteers that weekend
    • hospitals, shelters, food banks, etc.
  • Find out what friends or neighbors are already doing that day and try and join them
    • party, outing, festival, etc.
  • If they wonder why you’re not with your church, let them know your whole church decided to BE the church rather than GATHER the church that day.
#WSGSaturate ALL your activities/photos via social media!
*You can listen to last Fall’s Saturate series to better understand our heart behind this

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