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We launched our fall 2022 season reflecting on the theme of RENEWAL in Ephesians 3:14-21.

This prayer for the church to grow in impact, intimacy and a strong inner being is a wonderful way to call us to make room for renewal. You can catch up on the messages through our podcast or vimeo channel – or see some highlights on instagram.

We ended highlighting key¬†postures noticeable in Paul’s prayer.

  • surrender
  • unity
  • intercession
  • worship

We called one another to nurture a movement of prayer in our church. Historically most movements of prayer didn’t happen without set times and places, so we identified the following as a place for you to engage.

Would you make at least ONE of these opportunities part of your weekly rhythm this season?

If you have any questions about prayer or would like to share ideas or you have regarding prayer please contact us to talk more.

If you’re looking for help in your daily prayer rhythm, check out the Lectio365 app on your platform. It’s a very doable time and structure that doesn’t lack depth.

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