Summer is officially over.

Fall has officially begun.

We’ve tried over the last few years to inspire and encourage each other to pay attention to those 100 days of summer that can slip right by us. We jumped into the summer highlighting rest, renewal, and relationships as key values. We also challenged each other to know our neighbours so we can love them – it’s hard to love a neighbour you don’t know. Our hope was to make an impact on those closest to us, but also on a few God would bring into your path.

How did it go?

Did what you hoped for happen?

We’re you intentional, or did it slip by you?



Take a few minutes this week to write down how your summer went. Reflect on the key areas: rest, renewal, relationships. Did you rest intentionally? Did you engage in activity that renewed your faith and spirit? Did you do something that helped you love others tangibly?


Even if there was a small moment or milestone, celebrate it. Thank God for it.
Here’s a few things I heard from Westsiders:
  • one mom had a strengthened understanding of her vocational role as a mom – we celebrate her renewed identity
  • a young family discerned that physical activity would be vital for their rest and renewal so they created a goal to climb Mont Tremblant and did a series of smaller hikes and hills to reach their goal later in the summer – we celebrate their achievement
  • another young family made sure they booked a few days away for rest and family renewal – we celebrate their intentionality
  • a few kids gave away free lemonade to bless people around them – we celebrate their love in action
  • someone responded to the Spirit’s prompting and invited neighbours to their church@home group; they said yes and enjoyed it – we celebrate their risk and step
  • one family and group threw a block party for the 1st time in their neighbourhood – we celebrate how they got to know and love your neighbours (3 block parties happened this summer – Dorval, Laval, and DDO)
  • some served at our BBQ for the 1st time – we celebrate their action


Summer is over. Maybe you did what you hoped, maybe it didn’t work out as you planned. Whatever it is, surrender your summer to the Lord. Invite him to teach you what you need to remember, what next summer can be like under his guidance. Invite him to take whatever happened in the summer and do with it as he wishes – the rest, renewal, and relationships. Seeds were planted in you and others. Allow God to grow them to fruition. Some might turn into spiritual fruit, some into new relationships, some into new faith.

You’ve done your part. Let God do his.

Now, give him this next season and let him lead you to your next steps!
We have NO gathering on October 23rd, so we’re calling all Westsiders to take that weekend and SATURATE the city. Carve out 2-3 hours anytime that weekend to bring good news to your neighbourhood or network.
Here’s some ideas:
  • make a next step in a relationship with a neighbor
  • serve a friend, neighbour or family member
  • clean up your street
  • host a small dinner or desert party
  • prayer walk your street
  • encourage someone you haven’t seen in a while from Westside

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