Poetry and Faith (Live Talks)

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You’re Invited to 2 live talks on the intersection of Poetry and Faith with Barry Whatley on Thursday, March 24th @ 7-9PM

Topics include:

  • Seeing “through” the glass:  How poetry opens the heavens.
  • Meeting our companion and guide George Herbert. 

Seeing “through” the glass:  How poetry opens the heavens: In this talk Barry explores the metaphor of “stereo-vision” and its parallel with the deeper dimension that poetry can open for us.  All his talks will be woven through and through with excerpts from poems that bring to life the ideas he shares.  One of the main reasons why he wants to record these teachings is because poetry needs to be heard and interpreted.  You will get a taste for the many poems that have enriched his life and faith over the years.

Meeting our companion and guide George Herbert: Barry is great admirer of the 17thCentury poet George Herbert. Herbert is considered the greatest English devotional poet of all time.  During this second lecture Barry will tell the story of Herbert’s amazing (but short!) life and share some poems that provide great insight into what made him tick.  His walk with God is THE subject of all his poetry – and it was no easy street for him.  His struggles, his questions, and his discoveries make his poetry a gold mine for us as we find our way in the path God has traced for us.

Barry’s 2 previous talks on poetry and faith are:

Barry has a burden to explore how poetry can open a window into a richer experience of God, of the wonder of this world, and of our place in it.  He is going to be making some high-quality video recordings of these talks and will be working with the tech team at the Westside Gathering, and WOULD APPRECIATE A LIVE AUDIENCE on March 24th for anyone interested.

Invite some friends.

Westside Gathering
820 Tecumseh Ave, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 4B2
March 24th, 7-9pm.

NO RSVP required, but let Barry know if you’re planning to attend. bwhatley@outreach.ca

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