Irresistible – Faith

By September 15, 2019

Faith is such a key word to describe a follower of Jesus. Faith in and through Jesus, the message of faith, an act of faith. Today we explore the dynamic Irresistible Faith of the early christians and how they expressed it in such tangible ways. What does it mean for you and me to discover and live out an Irresistible Faith?


  1. Read through Acts 3-4 and reflect the description of faith (3:16) and expressions of faith that follow. Write down what you notice as irresistible faith.
  2. Consider any ways that you’ve understood faith from a cultural perspective. In prayer over the next month, ask God to give you fresh perspective on the source of faith and a life of faith (pray through Acts 3:16)
  3. The early church prayed for boldness when faced with threats (Acts 4:28-31). What do you normally pray for in the middle of a struggle? What would be different if you prayed for boldness instead of relief, favour or prosperity.
  4. What has become so normal in your life (unhealthy relationships, fear, stingy money habits, destructive character traits, etc.) that you haven’t approached it in faith - so Jesus can actually work in all aspects of your life?
  5. When you have time read through Acts to discover an irresistible faith.

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