• Lead Pastor: David Manafo
  • Operations Coordinator: Beth Weaver
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing: Jonathan Hodges

Leadership Team

  • Nathan Whatley
  • David Manafo
  • Terry Gunter

Ministry Team Leaders

  • KidsQuest: Natalia Peña Colantonio, Amy Eason
  • Youth: David Manafo
  • Setup/Cleaning: Chris Betteridge
  • Connections: Diane Brown
  • Sound: Jon Weaver
  • Visuals: Beth Weaver
  • Counting: David Cardinale
  • Worship: Answer, TEAM EFFORT!!
  • Alpha: Carole Desrochers
  • Finance: Viviane Dustin

Our volunteer team leaders each oversee various ministries and projects with a group of committed volunteers.