Connecting people to a

growing relationship with Christ. 

  We believe that every life that gets connected to Jesus and follows him as Lord discovers true life – life to the fullest. But Jesus doesn’t expect us to follow him alone. When we connect to him we get connected to his body, the church. Our connection to Him and each other are the two most important relationships. In fact, Jesus summarized the whole scriptures with these two phrases: Love the Lord your God and Love Your Neighbour.

This process of following Jesus is what he called discipleship. So our focus is to build discipleship environments that fuel mission. Most of our discipleship is done in community, the same context Jesus’ first followers grew spiritually in. This is how Jesus called people to follow and learn from him so why not continue his practice.

Our vision is to saturate the West Island and the rest of the City with people connected to Christ and each other – in pockets of community – growing in their relationship with God, supporting each other along the way, and together serving their neighbours and networks.

One day, we envision hundreds of Westside community groups all over the city and several neighbourhood churches serving as regional hubs.


-David Manafo, Pastor of Westside Gathering