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Christmas KQ volunteers!
Christmas is less than one month away!!!
We will be offering childcare for 2-5 year-olds at Westside’s annual Christmas Eve Eve gathering and are looking for at least 3 volunteers to serve. There are 2 gatherings: one at 6pm and one at 8pm. Childcare will only be provided at the 6pm gathering, so you could always serve at 6 and attend at 8.
(We realize that having children yourself might complicate this scenario 🙂).
A lesson plan will be provided, and the flow will be similar to a Sunday morning (songs, read a story, game(s), craft).
We’ll also be asking for volunteers outside of KQ in the e-news, so if you know of someone who doesn’t already serve in KQ but would like to help with this event, please let us know!
Thanks for considering this and for being so faithful in serving all of our sweet kiddos!
– KQ Team (Amy and Nathalia)