Journey to Easter 3-Week Groups

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We are opening up a 3 week GROUP experience to help you personally reflect on some Holy Week gospel texts with others. The dialogue and discussion will give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in Jesus’ experience on these days and further apply what the gospel writers intended for us in them.



ONSITE: March 15, 22, 29 @ 7PM

We will host a mid-size group on Wednesdays March 15, 22, and 29 @ 7PM. Depending on the size, we will experience both large and small group interaction at tables (similar to EHS or ALPHA).
You’ll have a chance to experience connections with the whole group during the intro, coffee break, and conclusions;  and your table group during discussion. Aim to arrive early so we can start at 7PM; coffee will be available by 6:45PM


We will also have a few homes from different location around the island, open to join to follow the same material, but within a different setting. Dates of meeting for these groups are to be determined by the groups themselves. Currently there are 2-3 home groups hosted in Vaudreuil and Hudson during this time. (contact us for time, location, and capacity)

REGISTER HERE to indicate which option you prefer!

Arriving to Easter this year will be different because you’ll have made room for the stories and Spirit to call you deeper

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  • Anna Cherepanova says:


  • Anna Cherepanova says:

    I would like to attend small group at home

    • David Manafo says:

      Hi Anna, Currently we have home groups in Vaudreuil and Hudson, both off island. However, our onsite groups will be around table and stay in the same group for the 3 weeks. Onsite will meet in our youth room with 3-4 groups at tables. It’s a great combination that allows people to be with a group of people for 3 weeks at tables, but also meet others before and after and at the coffee station. Email if you have more questions.

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