Year End Global Impact 2022

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There’s so many needs around the world that need our resources and prayers. In 2022 we’ve raised and sent money to MCC for relief efforts in Ukraine and collected Relief Bags for MCC to distribute where the global need was most.

We already commit 10,000$ to our partners in Central Asia for the church planting and discipleship efforts that often overflow into meeting many tangible needs as well as work in refugee camps.


As we end 2022 we have come across an immediate need to resource grassroots church leaders in various global villages. The same organization we partner with in Central Asia has developed an effective and encouraging training tool that is being embraced widely by church leaders on the ground. Already taught in 5 countries and now being translated into 9 languages (Swahili, Chewa, Spanish, Thai, Burmese, Portuguese, Arabic, Tagalog, and Hindi).

Our Leadership Team discerned to invest in these global church leaders who often struggle to even get a book or mentor.

IMAGINE the impact they will be as God uses this training to encourage and inspire their ministry and leadership!!

WATCH HERE for an example of this impact in the Philippines.
Read more HERE, HERE, or HERE

We’re committing an additional 3000$ from our budget at the end 2022 to resource this global ministry.


Did you know when you give to Westside we allocate 10% towards local and global causes?

  • CENTRAL ASIA (Multiply) resources church planting and discipleship in the region. (10,000$)
  • MCC is a global relief organization we have collected hygiene and relief kits for and raised 4,000$ for war relief in Ukraine in the Spring.
  • West Island Mission provides emergency food relief to under resourced families in the West Island (3000$)
  • C2C Church Planting invests in new church plants in Quebec (2500$)
  • West Island Network nurtures church unity and collaboration in the West Island (3500$)
  • AEFMQ & CCMBC is our provincial and national church association that resources churches – all shapes and sizes. (10,000$)

Beyond this we commit to waiving rental rates to local partnerships (WIM, Hema-Quebec) and reduce rental rates to local ministries (church rental, C2C training, etc.).

Your regular or year end donations to WSG make an impact all year round as our 10% local and global commitments come out of the larger budget.

Perhaps this month you can start or increase a recurring donation or a PAD for 2023? Send a note to if you have questions or need help discerning that.

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