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NEW COHORT starting this winter following the outline of a workbook called Following King Jesus
The workbook leads us through four main sections:
  • Knowing the Gospel
  • Reading the Gospel
  • Living the Gospel
  • Showing the Gospel
Each session leads the participant to reflect on selected readings from Scot McKnight and an inductive Bible study, with opportunity to reflect and take action. The workbook and bible study are done prior to the group meeting.
The group will then dialogue over the learning, questions, convictions, and application that come from the previous week’s study and reflection.
What am I committing to?
  • Four 6-week sessions (winter, spring, and fall)
    • 1-week break between each block, plus summer break before the final block
    • option: one can start with any block as long as they commit to 6 weeks in that block
    • calendar will be provided
  • 90-120 minutes for each weekly group
  • Faithfully complete the study before each group (readings, reflection, bible study, etc.); consider about 60-90 min (in one sitting or spread out over 6 days)
  • A posture of learning, humility, community
  • A desire to grow and mature in following Jesus
  • Purchasing the workbook at a cost of approximately $26 (used for all 24 sessions), either from Westside or from our favourite book source.

Wednesdays @ 7 PM (starting on January 26)
Tuesdays @ 6:30 AM (starting on February 2)


The goal is to develop a healthy and robust lens so one can better know, read, live, and show the gospel.
A byproduct of the group will be nurturing spiritual community.
Following King Jesus is a workbook including sections of Scot McKnight’s books (King Jesus Gospel, The Blue Parakeet, One.LifeĀ and a Fellowship of Differents)
“What is the difference between a Christian and a follower of Jesus? There shouldn’t be.”
What might Jesus say a Christian is? Perhaps it’s so obvious we miss it.
“Follow me” or “become my disciple” is what one would notice him saying in the gospels.
Would you invest some time in developing the lens in which you understand Jesus, the gospel, and the larger story of scripture?
Each of us have a lens in which we read the Bible, understand God and the gospel, and ultimately how we follow Jesus.
Lenses are important. We learn and apply through them! Some of our lenses are shaped by one particular era in Christian or human history. Some shaped by the church we grew up in or a more personal or cultural experience. All of us have lenses!
Good lenses can be shaped by balanced authors and biblical scholars*. Scot McKnight is one of them. He’s not perfect and welcomes critique and dialogue from other Christians and biblical scholars, but Scot’s humble passion is to see Jesus clearly and understand the NT in the clearest way possible.
This unique formational cohort will be guided by a workbook adopting portions of Scot’s books alongside the study of scripture.
* Ultimately the lens we read scripture with should be shaped primarily by Christ (John 1:1-5, 15, Col 1:15-20, 3:16; Heb 1:1-2), the Church (apostolic witness over history rooted in the NT), the Creeds (concise core beliefs developed and recited by the early church), and Communion (practice of wine and bread that keep Christians connected to Christ and each other)

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