We’re encouraging all Westsiders to discern how they can support the recent flood relief efforts in the nearest community close to them.
If you are part of our church community and are personally affected, please let us know.


  1. We are collecting GAS GIFT CARDS (or cash equivalent) for about 15 local residents who have given of their time, trucks, and resources to transport sandbags and beyond.
Our GOAL is $1,500 / $100 to each driver
THANK YOU… we reached our goal and beyond!!

Bring a Gas Gift Card this Sunday from any main gas station, in multiples of $25 or $50, so we can divide them up easily for distribution, OR donate online and TOGGLE Flood Relief in the drop down. Westside will buy cards on your behalf.


  1. West Island Blog or their Facebook Page has current volunteer info.
  2. Help is needed in the many homes in St Marthe with massive clean up efforts. Yves and Tracy Lemieux have been there this week with a few other WSGers who’ve joined in. Contact Yves here for details.
  3. Pierrefonds is organizing a massive effort to clean up sand after relief efforts; we will point people to that effort when it starts.
  4. Check other neighbourhoods in need closest to you if you’d like to focus there.

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