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While all have experienced higher gas and food prices, there’s communities here in our city and around the globe being hit hard. While we’d love to help everyone, we’ve chosen a few targeted needs we can make a collective impact in. Read below for ways we can partner locally this season (global targets coming in a subsequent post).

Paul reminds us to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share (1 Timothy 6:17-19).

Let’s be rich in good works together.


Formed out of AJOI (a local youth prevention organization) Ricochet opened its doors just 2 years ago as it saw a fast growing need for emergency shelter in the West Island. Couch surfing or using local parking lots to sleep overnight became more common. When shelter was needed many west islanders were forced to go downtown – outside their network of relationships and support.

Ricochet has space for about 30 people – 50% for intermediate stay of up to 3 months and 50% for emergency one night stays.

They’re in need of winter clothes and gear for those using their facilities.

Here’s what you can contribute:

  • Coat
  • Pants
  • Gloves, Scarfs, Tuques
  • Underwears (new, not used)
  • Longjohns
  • Boots for winter
  • Socks
  • Towels

Drop off your donations in our lobby any time or at our Carols & Cocoa event on December 2.

While Ricochet is early in the journey and a grassroots organization we would love to bless them and help meet some of their urgent upcoming needs in early 2023.

We are acceptation designated donations for them in December. Would consider partnering with us for greater impact? If so, GIVE HERE or write a check and indicate “Ricochet”


Did you know there’s thousands of international students in our local universities? Because of budget, time or distance many never get home for the holidays and spend it here alone.

Friends for Dinner is a beautiful way to show encourage and impact students during the holidays through hospitality. Usually it means hosting a dinner or welcoming them to an already planned dinner with family or friends. Friends for Dinner sets it all up – between host and guest(s). This simple act is filled with potential! While you can invite 1 or more students over for Christmas dinner, it can be anytime over the holiday season.


Here’s how to participate:

*Westsiders who’ve participated in the past have been encouraged by it


Traditionally Westside has partnered with WIM through financial donations and deliveries in its early days. As WIM has grown their funding base and delivery methods, we’ve been able to partner in annual strategic ways.

We continue to hold periodic food drives, but our key contribution has been our sharing our space for their 2 annual events – back to school resource drive & Christmas toy drive (free shopping event for parents).

They will hold their annual toy drive on Saturday, December 10.

Here’s how you can help:

  • donate toys – directly with WIM
    • 0-2: Duplo, Soft Toys, Educational Toys
    • 3-7: Dolls, Trucks, Duplo/Lego, Games
    • 8-12: Lego, Crafts, STEM (Science/Technology Related), Kid K’Nex, Tabletop Hockey or Soccer, Games
    • Teens: Table-Top Hockey or Soccer, Popcorn Maker, Bluetooth Speaker, BasketBall Related, LED Lights, Headphones, Smart Watches, Tote Bags
  • inquire with WIM if they need volunteers for the prep, day of or clean up
  • volunteer to clean up and set up Westside for Sunday (contact us)

** regular or year end donations to Westside help us provide our space for free to WIM and other organizations we partner with (Hema-Quebec, Church Planting Conferences, etc.)

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