5 Benefits of Global Mission Partnership

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I got a chance to personally spend time with our global partners (friends) last weekend while they were in town to share all that’s going on in Central Asia.

We hosted a Meet and Greet at the Vybihal’s home with about 25 people connecting one-on-one with our guests. In our Sunday morning gathering we got a chance to hear the fuller story of how the local church and missionary partner support is seeing spiritual fruit in the region. It was a great way to end our recent Global Mission Initiative.

We feel God opened a door two years ago for our church to partner with this new discipleship ministry to an unreached people group.  It’s often hard, slow, subversive and sometimes invisible! Thankfully Jesus told us God’s kingdom often works like that at the beginning.  Mustard seed-type progress! If you were around Sunday, you heard about some growth in their ministry as people have come to faith, been baptized, being discipled and increasingly serving the region in tangible ways!

What is the benefit of this kind of partnership?

Too often we think only those receiving support feel the benefit. I don’t believe that. Here are at least five benefits when we partner with global mission.

#1 – It Connects Us to the Global Church

Our partnership connects us to “what” the church is doing across the world.  We no longer see our context or church as the only one or only kind.  We actually become part of God’s global mission.

#2 – It Stretches Our Generosity

When we begin to see the needs of our brothers and sisters around the world, we can’t help but hear God’s invitation to support their work.

#3 – It Leads Us to Trust

If I give beyond my normal tithe to Westside, will God provide for my needs?  If I give and can’t buy that extra shirt, will my heart be content? Greater generosity requires greater trust in God.  Greater trust leads us to deeper relationship with Him.

#4 – It Humbles Us

How cool is it that God would use our gifts, prayers and partnership to extend his good news in a location most of us will never step foot on? That we can be part of God’s great global mission is such a privilege!

#5 – It Matures Our Faith

As we witness the faith of our partners in their struggles and successes – often with less resources at their disposal or more obstacles in their way – it can draw us to depend on God in similar ways.

We are part of the story God is writing in Central Asia.  Stay connected through prayer, finances, news and a potential future trip.

Request our partners’ newsletter HERE.
Give to Global Mission HERE.

** Due to the sensitivity of the region, we cannot mention the names or places of our partners.

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