28 Days of Prayer: Guide + Practices

Prayer is such a vital part of a relationship with Jesus and our spiritual formation. Yet it often seems like our rhythm or practice of prayer can feel like a rollercoaster.

The how or when we pray can vary so much, but one thing is common for every one one of us. Praying is what helps us grow in prayer. Doing it. The practice of it (less like piano lessons, more like a daily walk).



  • Daily Prayer Guide (new for February, explained below)
  • Morning Prayer on Facebook Live (short readings and scripture)
  • Wednesday Evening Prayer on Zoom (participatory, worship, intercession)

Here’s a very simple yet hopeful and meaningful practice that will help you stay connected to God throughout the day.

PRAY 3 times A DAY for a few minutes (2-5).

  • MORNING: Psalm
  • NOON: Lord’s Prayer
  • EVENING: The Examen

IDEA: Pausing for prayer 3 times a day (daily office) is an ancient way to pray that marks the time throughout your day (morning, noon, evening); rather than merely aiming to pray once at length, pause throughout the day to stay connected to God, making room for His love, voice, purpose.

INVITATION: Commit the next 28 days to daily seeking God in prayer. This is a simple approach that will not interfere with other spiritual practices or groups. Plan to join us for intercessory prayer on Wednesday evenings on Zoom. You can also start your day with Morning Prayer on Facebook Live.

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