Restore us, God our Saviour! (Ps. 85:4)

We are calling each other to pray for renewal and revival in our hearts and church as we start 2019. We’re excited because we believe this year is ripe with opportunity for spiritual growth, deeper community and missional impact. We also know that we depend on the work of the Holy Spirit in us and around us.

We can plant seeds but God causes growth. (1 Cor. 3:6)

We hope to leverage 21 days in January as a springboard in 2019 for growth in prayer and dependence on God.

Below you’ll find personal and community tools to help you prayer.  Use the 21-day theme to help you pray on your own.  Join one or more of our prayer groups and gatherings to pray in community.

Pray in Community.

ABIDE is our monthly prayer evening designed for community prayer and intercession. It is a perfect place to pray and grow in prayer.

Women’s Prayer Group: A simple environment where women pray for each other, the church and the world. A great place to also connect with other women.

  • Wednesday evening (twice per month)
  • Wednesday afternoon (twice per month)

Thursday Mornings, 7-8 AM: David Manafo is hosting a prayer meeting during January for those who can make it before work or prefer early morning.

Community Groups:  Check in with some of our groups for how they will focus on prayer this month when they meet

Spontaneous:  Reach out to other WSGers to pray together – on the phone, over Skype/Facetime or in person.  Nothing stops the body of Christ from praying together or for each other.


A spiritual discipline known to Jews, early Christians and much through church history was fasting. The idea of fasting is a way to connect our bodies and hearts to our prayers and desire for God.

  • When you fast and feel the hunger for food, connect that to your hunger for God and express your heart to grow in Him.
  • Fasting can also be a physical aspect to prayerfully standing firm for what you hope God will accomplish in you, someone else, a circumstance, our church or world. It is not a bargaining chip with God, but reflects the deep desire or sometimes grieving your heart feels for what you hope will come about by God’s grace and power.

HOW?  During the next 21 days (or more) choose a 24-hour period to fast during the week (e.g., 6 p.m. Monday to 6 p.m. Tuesday) or 1 meal during the week or a 2-3 consecutive meals one day during the week.  Commit to it ahead of time and stick to it.

*Should this conflict with health issues, please consult your doctor.

21-Day Prayer Themes

(Click here for a printable version)

Use Psalm 85, 23 and the Lord’s Prayer as a general guide for prayer this month.

January 7 – Growing heart for prayer – personally and WSG
January 8 – Next generation at WSG (kids and youth) – discipleship, courage, hope, and passion for God // ABIDE TONIGHT!
January 9 – Listening ear – a desire to listen to God (Ps. 85:8)
January 10 – Eyes to see opportunity for sharing the gospel (Col. 4:2-4)
January 11 – Wisdom for actions and conversation with the world around us (Col. 4:5-6) // WSG youth kicking off Friday gatherings tonight!
January 12 – KidsQuest leadership team and volunteers – that every child discovers God in fresh ways and feels loved by God and the church.
January 13 – Today’s gathering // New series starting on brokenness and beauty (Mosaic)
January 14 – WSG staff (David, Beth, Jonathan)
January 15 – WSG leadership team (Terry, Nathan, David)
January 16 – WSG ministry team leaders (Jon, Beth, Diane, Chris, Viviane, Natalia, Amy, Emanuela, Sean, Daria, Matt, Louise)
January 17 – 2019 budget – needed increase to sustain new lease payments/expenses and impacting ministry
January 18 – Faith budget – additional funds to hire new pastoral staff in 2019 (family ministry, pastoral support, etc.) // WSG youth retreat this weekend (safe travels and strong start to retreat)
January 19 – WSG young adults starting to connect and grow spiritually in community groups and events // WSG youth retreat in progress (Magog, QC)
January 20 – Deepened worship in our gathering, David’s teaching, ministry to one another in conversation and prayer. // WSG Youth safety traveling back to Montreal
January 21 – West Island Network churches – unity among churches and leaders, grow and impact for every church in our region; Daria Nardozza (WIN catalyst/staff)
January 22 – Peace and prosperity in your neighbourhood/borough/city.  Find out the name of your councillor and mayor so you can pray for them.
January 23 – Greater Montreal area, Quebec, Canada // Church family in Quebec (AEFMQ) and Canada (Canadian Conference of Mennonite Churches)
January 24 – Church family across Canada
January 25 – A&R in Central Asia – their family and mission work and for various churches they interact with // WSG youth tonight
January 26 – Rest and read through Psalm 23.  What is God getting your attention about?
January 27 – Sunday gathering + guest speaker in our Mosaic series.
January 28 – Read through Lord’s Prayer.  Use it as a prayer to shape how you pray in 2019.

21 days are over… but continue to take time to pray this week and beyond.  Let the Lord’s Prayer guide you for the next 5-6 days.

  • Ask God to help you relate to Him as loving Father.  Take time to worship Him (highlighting at least one of His attributes)
  • Ask God to help you discern His kingdom and will around you so you can join Him! How are you serving Him with your gifts and time?
  • Ask God to help you trust Him as a provider for your daily needs.  Have you decided how you will be generous towards God’s mission locally (WSG) and beyond in 2019?  (1 Cor. 9:7)
  • Ask God to help you grow in forgiveness towards others.  Is there unforgiveness lingering in you? Is there unconfessed sin you need to openly share with God or someone?
  • Are there parts of our culture – socially, morally, politically – that detour you away from God’s vision for your life?  Ask God to help you discern where you have let culture shape your view of God and life.
  • Ask God to deliver you from evil.  (It’s in the prayer!)  What evil is overwhelming your life?