We hope to release a fresh freedom in our youth— to point them towards rooting their identity in Christ and taking ownership of their faithWe are not a replacement for what is being done in their homes. We encourage youth and their families in spiritual growth and a life steeped in discipleship.



  • Weekly Youth – WEDNESDAYS!
    • Our youth team is giving youth a new night – Wednesdays.  They hope this creates more consistency for some families who travel on the weekend or have important events that fall on Fridays. They also hope to introduce periodic relational events on weekends to give Wednesday a consistent focus on spiritual and community growth!
    • Starting on Wednesday, Sept. 11 – 7-8:30 PM
    • Happens weekly, but stay tuned for periodic breaks to give room for key events (e.g. Wednesday before the retreat)

Please pray for our youth group and leaders. Let us know if you’d like to serve in any capacity. We our often looking for drivers, food provision periodically, mentors, or general help for special events.

(Current youth leadership team: Stefanie Whatley, Franca Manafo, Brent Dustin, Andrew Manafo, Adrien Bisson)

Contact David Manafo for more information.