This is a weekly update from Sean Brown with notes and information for both parents and youth.  Come back each week for updates!

June 11, 2019

Dear Parents,

There are only two youth gatherings left for this season – this coming Friday, June 14 and June 21. On June 14, we will have a GOG night since we haven’t had one since parents gathered with us and enjoyed sculpting tootsie rolls and doing surgery on bananas.  Please have your teens wear old clothes this Friday because you have no idea how bad it might become!

The last gathering we have planned, we will share a meal together potluck style.  The venue will either be at Westside or at my home for a pool party.   I will assess the weather and make a determination early next week. We will have special guest sharing with us that night!  Andrew, a missionary in Central Asia, will be sharing with the teens about life as a missionary and other thoughts and questions we will have for him. Ask your teens to come prepared with some questions for Andrew.  Perhaps what’s life like for an average teen where he is currently living? Or how to share Jesus in a culture that is 98% Muslim? How do you know if God is calling you the mission field? Be creative and thoughtful.

Please remember to pray for all our teens during the summer as many will be away either serving at camp, working, vacationing or just hanging out.  No matter what they are doing, they still need to be lifted up in prayer.

Have a blessed summer!


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