This is a weekly update from Sean Brown with notes and information for both parents and youth.  Come back each week for updates!

April 11, 2019

Hello Parents,

I trust all is well with you and your family.

We concluded our series on sex and dating back in March, and after a six-week intense study it was good to step back and have a Friday off to think back and reflect on it! I trust that at whatever night(s) of the six that your teen was a part of the series, that our discussion brought either clarity or opportunity to discuss further with you on these important issues.

This week we will do a night of just hanging out with other teens from other youth groups, worshipping and listening to what God is doing in other people at Terra Nova.

After that we are looking forward to Easter weekend starting with our gathering Friday night as we come together as family remembering the crucifixion of Jesus. My prayer is that each teen reflects on the message of the cross, and the Holy Spirit stirs something in them that makes this an experience that pushes them beyond themselves – pursuing the One who loves them and gave his life.  (Isaiah 53:5)

Perhaps take the opportunity to dialogue with your teen(s) around the themes of Good Friday and Easter Sunday and what does it means in relation to how they view what God has done and what is their response? Does their inward reflection produce gratefulness or even wonder?  Their presence Friday can be an outward expression of this deep reflection, offering praises of gratitude to God.

Enjoy the week, tell your teens you love them and pray for those involved in your teen’s life.


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