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KidsQuest looks a little different in the summer. Church@home (July 2-23) means kids are meeting in mixed environments with youth and adults – what a great way to connect generations!

As our gatherings start back on July 30 KidsQuest plans for some combined environments to reflect regular Westsiders’ and volunteers’ vacation.

In order to give our teams energy to plan for and serve significantly in the fall we’re looking to resource 3-4 KQ groups on Sundays for ages 2-8!

CAN YOU SERVE ONCE from July 30-August 27? SIGN UP HERE


  • Mentor/Teacher (toddlers, pre-schoolers, K-2)
  • Helpers (toddlers, pre-schoolers, K-2)
  • Hall Monitors

Whether you are serving or have served in KQ, you’d like to explore this ministry for future serving, or are a newbie and want to impact our kids and lighten our KQ team’s load over the summer, contact us to serve!



As Westside and KidsQuest continue to grow, we hope to add an additional group to accommodate the specific growth in our K-1 group. With almost 25 kids in that age group, KQ plans to split the group for more effective mentorship and discipleship!

We are also planning ALPHA YOUTH! This would be a 10 week ALPHA specifically designed for those in High School and older taking place on Sundays!

CAN YOU JOIN KQ to help mentor this new grade school group OR another group so our team can get mentors/helpers into every age group?

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN ALPHA YOUTH? Facilitators and support are needed for a 10 week commitment.

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