We believe God created us to live in community with others. A full life in Christ includes the pursuit of healthy relationships. The church has often been misunderstood as a building to observe, but Jesus passionately created the church to be a people who belong to one another. Our desire is to be unified, of one mind, mutually sharing life together through nurture and support. We believe no one drifts into spiritual transformation alone; God uses people to help us grow in our spiritual journey.

Each group creates its own rhythm that includes spiritual and relational growth, practical living and impact in their communities.

Dorval | Wednesdays – Contact Jon & Beth Weaver

Our Dorval group meets weekly in a great mix of community and learning with an eye toward stepping up to serve neighbours and friends – both by meeting needs that come up through the group and with a summer block party. On Wednesdays we unpack and apply the Sunday message along with food and a healthy serving of fun.

Dollard | Fridays – Contact David & Franca Manafo

This group has a seasonal focus on whomever joins – regardless of their spiritual journey. Their rhythm usually looks like 6-7 weeks tracking with scripture and discussion, a celebration week over a meal, with a 2-3 week break before the rhythm repeats. The group looks for local serving opportunity every 2-3 months.

Vaudreuil | Mondays – Contact Nathan & Stefanie Whatley

This community in Vaudreuil is set up like family – without blood relatives. Their vision is consistent connection and support. They participate in a weekly meal, right after work, for any one in the group – singles, families, kids, etc.. Their group includes people in the neighbourhood not necessarily connected to a church. Once a month on a Sunday evening they do a deep dive into growing their faith through scripture, study, prayer, and discussion.

Ste Anne de Bellevue | Tuesdays & Wednesdays – Contact Jonathan & Victoria Hodges

This expression is diverse, comprised of young marrieds with infants and young single adults. Tuesdays are spontaneous for the women to connect, support each other and walkthrough devotionals and prayer. Every Wednesday men connect over food, the elements and scripture. Their heartbeat is prayer, hospitality, discipleship and to cultivate a sense of multi-generational family. Once a month the entire groups get’s together for a good time.