We’re in this TOGETHER!

We are always looking for ways to expand our impact. In just the last few years Westside has grown in a variety of ways. There are more people, more kids and more opportunity.  That is awesome!

However, this growth has also challenged us to better connect our guests, appreciate and equip our volunteers more often, raise and steward more resources for greater impact.

Will you partner with us?

Now is a great opportunity to jump into a ministry. If you’re already serving, you might consider new or added ways to serve. If you are not already serving, than please consider some of the opportunities and teams highlighted that currently need more volunteers and resources to continue making an impact.

Celebrating a child’s discovery of God. KQ environments help children grow spiritually, build relationships, and experience a sense of adventure following Jesus.. If you’re gifted in story telling, crafts, or love spending time with kids, consider serving here.


Current needs

5 mentors/teachers
*depending the age group, a mentor is either on a monthly rotation (1x) or a quarterly rotation (1 month per quarter); you’ll be joining 40+ volunteers in this ministry that serve approximately 60 kids a week!

See KQ team for more details on various roles.

Creates a safe and welcoming environment in our Sunday Gatherings by setting up chairs, equipment, decor and rooms for KidsQuest.  This team usually serves serves two hours before and one hour after the gathering.

Current needs

4 Setup Crew Members

Making a visual impact in our gatherings communicating through media elements. Involves setup of projector, laptop,and screen, operating ProPresenter software via laptop. Those gifted at creating media can also help in the preparation of slides, loops, or videos – though this is not required to run the media during a gathering.

Current needs

2 Visual/Media Technicians

Sound quality is an important part of our larger gatherings and events. If you have some experience in this area or have a good ear and would like to learn and serve, join this team.

Current needs

1 sound technician, 3 sound assistants

Some experience and/or aptitude preferred.

Create a welcoming atmosphere. This team helps people connect to Westside by welcoming, answering questions, leading them to the right people, and making coffee. We want to expand our team to 3 people per week, enabling us to better serve our growing community and guests.

Current needs

6 Volunteers